About us

Vimal Saree Emporium was established in the year 1981 by Mr. Mohan Lal Goyal in the heart of Lake City - Bhopal(M.P.). Now, the showroom is operated by Mr. Nilesh Agarwal, Mr. Manoj Agarwal &  Mr. Mahesh Agarwal under the kind guidance of Mrs. Vimla Goyal. Vimal Saree Emporium is a well recognized name in the world of fashion. Our customers are our priority which makes us one of the leading showrooms in Bhopal. We have a huge range of sarees & lehenga sets. What makes us unique is, we have Sarees & Lehenga sets ranging from lowest to highest social standards. We have a huge range of Party Wear, Wedding Wear & Casual Dresses

Vimal Saree Emporium, your premier destination for the finest sarees not only in Bhopal but across the globe. Established with a passion for tradition and a vision for innovation, we take pride in offering an exquisite collection of sarees that celebrate the rich heritage of Indian textiles.

At Vimal Saree Emporium, each saree is a piece of art, woven with care and crafted with the finesse of generations of expertise. From the timeless elegance of silk to the contemporary charm of designer creations, our emporium is a treasure trove of fabrics, patterns, and colors waiting to be explored. Whether you are preparing for a wedding, a festive celebration, or just looking to add a touch of cultural sophistication to your wardrobe, our sarees promise to enhance every occasion.

As a family-owned business rooted in Bhopal, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Our sarees have graced the wardrobes of enthusiasts and connoisseurs worldwide, earning us a reputation for excellence and reliability.

Explore the world of Vimal Saree Emporium and experience the luxury of fine sarees that are as splendid as they are versatile. Embrace the beauty of our collection and let your elegance shine at every gathering. Visit us to discover why our sarees are celebrated throughout the world.